Saturday, January 06, 2007

LAT Union Election Results Not Released Until Morning... BUT....

.... one on the scene observer... Ed Padgett... has the following observation:

.... I polled twenty percent of my co-workers, with some having no comment, and others telling me loud enough for others to hear, how they voted. I respect everyone’s privacy, and will never reveal how any of my co-workers have voted, or why they sided with the union or against the union.

Not wanting to sway anyone’s vote today I waited till the polls had closed before predicting the outcome of this important election. And this is nothing more than my prediction; the true count will be displayed eleven hours from now.

We will see many with red eyes, from the lack of sleep, in attendance tomorrow because of the importance of this election.

Yes votes = 41%

No votes = 59%

I could be completely wrong and shocked by the results, but doubt it.


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