Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reasons 412 and 413 and 414 Why West Magazine Sucks!

Or - kicking a dead magazine when it's down.

The above link to FISHBOWLLA touches on just some of the reasons why the latest issue of West Magazine is almost as bad as all other issues of West Magazine (with one important exception).

Now I normally don't read much less critique West Magazine since even writers at the Times refuse to read, much less defend it, but when even almost the first words you read in this issue are totally... idiotic... it's hard to resist:

For the Subjugated Indians, Some Food, a Loincloth, a Blanket
January 14, 2007

This week in 1852, Antonio Garra, a chief in the CupeƱos tribe, was executed near San Diego. Garra sought to unite Southern California tribes in a revolt against the Anglos, whose policies and diseases had decimated the native population, reducing it by 90% in the course of a single century.

Now since California had been run by the 'Anglos' only since 1847... which by 1851 revolt was... four whole years... this statement is clearly a lie. But that should be no surprise to any regular reader of West Magazine.

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