Sunday, April 29, 2007

Six Things You Need To Know About The LA TImes Festival!

1. It's one of the great civic events in Los Angeles so if you didn't go Saturday - go today.
As usual, I saw 40 or 50 people I know (or who at least 40 or 50 people who recognized me). Plus I got my photo taken by Gary Leonard, spoke with Kevin Roderick who was signing his Wilshire book (after which I tip-toed past Downtown History Mangler DJ Waldie who was signing his book next to Kevin - and see earlier post for why), pitched three book stores and one antique mall on moving to Downtown, talked up people on the new Los Angeles Museum, harassed various LAT representatives, talked with some reps from Go Country 105 FM about thier sponsoring a Wyatt Earp WIld West Days Celeberation Downtown, exchanged phone numbers with a young lady who between my cowboy hat and my cowboy wrestling shirt figured out who I was & wanted to know if the stories were true, met a couple cool authors, a Brit professor and exchanged another dozen business cards with various people (actors, architect, playwright, artists, curators, etc.) for various reasons.

But I did miss Patt Morrison who I wanted to ask if she had any cool photos of Main Street in her LA collection I could borrow for the LA Museum's first show - The Main Street Project. So call me Patt!

2. Everything in the UCLA bookstore is 20% off - including their remaindered books

3. You can buy the Sunday LA Times for a third-off (only $1)- and no tax.

4. The food and drink prices are... outrageous. However, the vending machine clusters have tons of super cheap food - such as Klondike bars for a buck. My favorite cluster is just south and west of the research library.

5. Rather than standing in line of the portable restroom, the research library also has ground floor - empty - bathrooms.

6. Lastly, if you need to check you e-mail and your blackberry is toast - there's dozens of open computers at the research library.

Unsurprisingly, during my four years as a second generation Bruin - I virtually lived in the research library (whenever I was not breaking wild horses, bar fighting or repossessing stolen airplanes, of course)and its been a favorite wallowing place of mine ever since.

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