Friday, April 13, 2007

Project Runway Invades LA Cowboy Lair! Plus Update On October's Downtown Fashion Week!

Just when I thought life couldn't get any more 'Ugly Betty', I saw a notice posted on the elevator that PROJECT RUNWAY was going to be interview designers the next day on my floor. So I figured it would be a little crazy this Friday at the Spring Arts Tower, but even then I didn't expect that when I returned to my office following last night's the Downtown Art Walk - people would already be checking out where they would be lined up the following morning.

Ergo I was not totally surprised that the line was out the front door and down the street by the time I got in from KNBC this morning. The congestion, though, was more than mitigated once it became clear that many of these designers were also models.

What was unexpected, though, was how many of them were dressed down to the point that in my boots, Levi's and T-shirt - I looked over dressed - while others had clearly misread the announcement and thought they were applying for 'Tragic Fashion Victim', a reality show auditioning on another floor.

As for October's Downtown Fashion Week - before we even asked a single designer to appear in our October shows - enough top designers have come to us and asked to be a part of the rebirth of Downtown and Broadway, that we already have a stronger line-up than we had in March.

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