Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Update On DWP Giveaway Of Public Funds!

Clarification of DWP Board Meeting Today:

Due to the complete lack of notice to the neighborhood councils, the public or the press – it is almost impossible to find out what is really going on today, but this is the best I can tell at the moment.

Item number ten on the agenda describes a change in the MOU with the union – but it does not say what it is. And that document is still not publicly available on-line less than an hour before the meeting starts. But I am told that it calls for a third 20 man crew to do trunk line work that would otherwise be contracted out, for possibly one-half less the money.

Plus the document that is on-line rather than tell us what this is going to cost us – says the cost is – N/A.

Then item 11 is an additional 8.5 million dollar transfer of public funds to a fund privately administered by the union that has been very controversial due to a lack of openness on how that money has been spent.

Now these are the two items that are – supposedly - being extracted from the DWP – i.e., us – in order to allow the DWP to go ahead on its private contracted 13 projects at a half-billion less in cost than if they were being done in house.

But again – due to a total lack of transparency – I am only making informed guesses.

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