Monday, April 30, 2007

Forget Being Hung Like A Stallion - It's The Drake That's The Champ!

Who knew? When it comes to the being the king of the males - it's ducks over stallion and bulls. And it's not even close...

May 1, 2007
New York Times
In Ducks, War of the Sexes Plays Out in the Evolution of Genitalia

LITCHFIELD, Conn. — “This guy’s the champion,” said Patricia Brennan, a behavioral ecologist, leaning over the nether regions of a duck — a Meller’s duck from Madagascar, to be specific — and carefully coaxing out his phallus.

The duck was quietly resting upside-down against the stomach of Ian Gereg, an aviculturist here at the Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Sanctuary. Dr. Brennan, a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University and the University of Sheffield, visits the sanctuary every two weeks to measure the phalluses of six species of ducks.

When she first visited in January, the phalluses were the size of rice grains. Now many of them are growing rapidly. The champion phallus from this Meller’s duck is a long, spiraling tentacle. Some ducks grow phalluses as long as their entire body.!

So the next time your girl friend compares you to a duck - take it as a complement!

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