Tuesday, May 01, 2007

LA Times Does Great Job Covering Marches On-Line - But Then Drops Ball Big Time! UPDATE!

I largely kept track of the marches today by checking in with the LA Times website.

It was pretty quiet until the marchers finally paraded up and down Broadway and then left. But when I came back from Hollywood on the subway - we were told the Alvarado Station was closed and after we transferred to buses we saw demonstrators displaying rubber bullets from the police and when the bus finally came near Wilshire and Alvarado - no one - including pedestrians - were even allowed near there and as a mob surged towards the bus, the driver was afraid to stop until three blocks later.

Clearly - something had happened. But when I finally got back to the office and checked the front page of the website about 20 minutes later - there was... nothing.


Two hours after some the violence started - and long after radio, TV and internet reports - the Times - finally - covered the story.


The 8 PM article in the Times that no one was hit by the bullets and other details turned out to be wrong (in fact a number of journalists were among those hit)since - evidently - the Times had no one on the scene) and had to be considerably updated three hours later.

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