Sunday, May 20, 2007

Miss Snark Has Left The Auditorium!

When I first read that literary agent/blogger Miss Snark was shutting down her blog -I didn't post the news, hoping that she might change her mind.

But tonight she posted her last post.

It's over.

See the below links to understand how attached many of us had become to both our daily dosage of Snarkisms and the comments of the regular Snarklings.

First, my response to a contest she held - at the end is a link to a very funny tribute video a Snarkling made about her:

Next a video of the time Miss Snark exposed a crooked agent:

Lastly, a final tribute video made upon her retirement. And yes, that is a shot of LACOWBOY among all the other Snarklings....

We'll all miss you, Miss Snark and Killer Yapp and Grandmother Snark - and all the Snarklings.

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