Sunday, May 13, 2007

So Why Doesn't The LA Times Showtracker Blog Tell Us What's REALLY Important?

The good news is that the LA Times is starting to cover Los Angeles.

The bad news is that it's not always the serious news that impacts our city. As an example, the blog SHOWTRACKER covers the gossip concerning TV shows - and it is now covering the upfronts where it is decided what series live - and which die. And it does a fine job covering much of the story. But the blog - and the rest of the LA Times - always misses covering the major impact these decisions have on our local economy; impacts that affect all of us and not just those of us who work in the TV industry.

As an example, the local TV movie industry is essentially... gone - mainly to Canada, but also to other states and countries. Feature films are also increasingly being shot outside of LA. What has remained, though - at least until recently - are TV series.

But increasingly scripted shows are being replaced with far cheaper reality shows and more and more TV shows are being shot in Canada, in other states and in New York.

So why not tell us about that as the series are being picked up?

Particularly once the schedules are finalized - why not tell us what is the ratio between reality and regular shows - and how has that changed over the past five years? And there are plenty other questions that should be answered..

How many shows are being shot out outside of this country this season - compared to last season? In other states? Who are the stars who are taking their series out of LA? How effective has New York been over the past five years in getting series? And what is the breakdown of where cable shows are shot? And how is original programming expanding on cable channels - or is it?

Now I know this might involve some actual... reporting.... but what the hell.

Into each life some rain must fall.

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