Saturday, July 02, 2005

Did LA Times Editorial Page Totally Blow Another Editorial - Seriously Big Time??

Supreme Court decisions are not my field of expertise, but Patterico has this field covered, so I would believe him over the LA Times Editorial Page... any day. See below:


L.A. Times Needs a New Fact-Checker for Those Editorials
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Today's L.A. Times editorial on Justice O'Connor opens with this statement:

One fact sums up Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's pivotal role on the Supreme Court and the enormity of her resignation - she alone was in the majority of every one of the court's 13 5-4 decisions this last term.

Wow. That's really impressive. Except for one small problem ... there were 24 5-4 decisions this Term, not 13 - and Justice O'Connor was in the minority in quite a few of those cases.

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