Wednesday, July 06, 2005

LA Time Reporter Performs Faith Healing Miracle! Returns Hollywood Brown Derby Building... From The Dead!!,0,5847753.story?coll=cl-home-more-channels

In a review of a new nightclub - Basque - on the site of the much lamented - The Deep - the LA Times mentions that this was also the site of the famous Hollywood Brown Derby.

Nothing puts an olive in a martini faster than jiggling girls behind two-way mirrors, and Deep was the club with the most cheesecake. So when new owners Brad and Dave Weida decided to take over and retool the infamous spot at the corner of Hollywood and Vine (once a Brown Derby) under the new moniker Basque, they made sure they stocked it with plenty of go-go dancers.

Now will miracles never cease!

I say this because not only was the Hollywood Brown Derby demolished after the last major earthquake, making this building's posthumous reappearance miraculous enough, but in an equally spectacular piece of LA Times legerdemain, the LA Times also moved this magically reconstructed building from 1628 N. Vine to 1707 N. Vine!

Ah... the power of the press!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Times isn't entirely wrong, but they might as well be. For a couple of years, after the Wilshire (hat) and Vine Street locations closed down, someone put a Brown Derby at the corner of Hollywood & Vine. It wasn't any good, of course (I only ate there once).

When I first noved to L.A. (c. 1968), there was a HoJo's at that location.