Saturday, July 02, 2005

Latest City Commission Appointments! What You Won't Find in The LA Times!!

While the LA Times reports that the new Mayor has appointed (and de-appointed) a number of commissioners - only the Los Angeles Business Journal tells us who they are!

In one of his first official acts, Villaraigosa followed through on a campaign pledge to remove any lobbyists from city boards and commissions.

Three of the commissioners – Dominick Rubalcava (Water & Power), Mike Roos (Recreation and Parks) and Ronald Stone (Neighborhoods) – had already submitted letters of resignation to Villaraigosa. His letters to the other two – Carol Schatz (Convention and Exhibition Center Authority) and Irene Camarena (Status of Women) – ended their terms as of Friday.

Villaraigosa also made three appointments to the Board of Public Works: Cynthia Ruiz, Paula Daniels and Dave Sickler. Ruiz, a longtime friend and adviser to Villaraigosa, had served on the board for over a year until former Mayor James Hahn removed her last year.

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dgarzila said...

I met Dave Sickler at the Cathdral during th einterfaith service , he seesm like a good choice to be on the board of public works. HE is a longtime Downtown Los angeles Resident.

I am not sad to see Ron Stone go from the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners , considering they tore our DLANC apart during certification , I say good riddens.

It seems there may be a new day coming.

It was good to see you at the interfaith service.