Sunday, July 10, 2005

New LA Times Current/Former Opinion Section - Doesn't Totally Suck! But - Still Fails To Engage The Citizens Of Los Angeles!!

OK, so we now have a new Current section that is far superior to the old Opinion section. And I will shortly address why it is in some ways, superior... in concept, if not execution.

But... and here is there is one very big 'but' here - the entire new section virtually ignores Los Angeles! I mean there is not ONE article in the new format that talks about the problems of City of Los Angeles in the entire freakin' section!! (And... please... do not count Joel Stein babbling about himself as being about issues facing LA)

To go back to the recent disaster that was the wickitorial feature, that concept was doomed by the brain dead idea to take the one issue (the war in Iraq) that could generate only heat and no light, the one issue on which people's minds were already make up on, and the one issue with which hardly anyone in LA had any direct, first hand knowledge or experience. To then chose that subject to inaugurate a open dialogue among the citizen's of LA clearly shows the need to open up those hermetically sealed windows at the LA Times and let some fresh air in.

Anyone who lives in a world where impressing the New York Times is not the most important thing in your life would have known what was going to happen.

But now, to make a similar mistake a SECOND time - and to start off this new dialogue with the citizens of LA with a section that completely ignores LA for exclusively foreign and national and statewide policy issues, my God - what are those people breathing/smoking in that building?

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