Sunday, July 10, 2005

LA Times Supreme Court Web Blog!

It is now pushing noon and the web blog that is part of the new Current (former LAT Opinion) section has a grand total of two - that's 2! - responses on it. Nothing like picking a topic (if Supreme Court nominees should be asked specific policy questions during the confirmation process) that really engages the citizens of this city on a daily basis to get a full scale debate going!

UPDATE!! It is closing in on Midnight - and there are only six comments on the entire blog! And since one of them is from a sub-literate who can barely form a sentence - and two of them are responses to tell her that she is a moron - that leaves only three real responses. Ironically, one of the six articles is written by blogger Eugene Volokh, who got fifteen comments on his post on his blog about his post in the LA Times!


Anonymous said...

That's 2 more comments than you got

timquinn said...

that 'anonymous' must be Kinsley