Friday, July 01, 2005

Insufficient LA Times Correction!

In the below LAT correction, the LA Times corrects their inability to tell Chino from.. Cornona - hey, they both start with... 'C'! ... among other things...

Friday, July 1, 2005
Older prisoners A Los Angeles Times Magazine article Sunday about the increasing number of elderly prisoners in California prisons incorrectly stated that former Gov. Gray Davis said that murderers would leave prison during his term only "in a pine box." Although others have characterized his policy in this way, Davis did not actually make this remark. Also, the article incorrectly referred to the location of the California Institution for Women. It is in Chino, not Corona.

Also the dumb-as-a-post-hole-error I spotted (but was too busy to post on due to the new LACOWBOY project semi-crawling along), was corrected - but insufficiently, so:

In addition, the article incorrectly stated that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger "is on exactly the same page" as Davis when it comes to releasing murderers. The governor, in fact, has granted parole to 84 convicted murderers whose sentences made them eligible for release, whereas Davis allowed five to be paroled.

The part they are missing is that Arnold paroled 84 murders in well under a year - while Davis only paroled five in almost FIVE years. Pretty big difference - huh? But not to the LA Times.

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