Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Double Correction Day At LA Times! Editorial Page Continues Its Losing Ways!!

Two almost - but not quite identical corrections - from the LA Times Editorial And Opinion Sections -

FEMA: An editorial on Sept. 11 about mismanagement at the Federal Emergency Management Agency said its former director, Michael D. Brown, had been the college roommate of his predecessor at the agency, Joe Allbaugh. A spokeswoman for Allbaugh says the two men did not know each other in college.

Michael Brown: A Sept. 13 commentary about FEMA said that former director Michael D. Brown was a "college buddy" of his predecessor, Joe Allbaugh. The two have been friends for more than 25 years but did not know each other in college.

Well, you'd think the corrections would say the same thing, but I guess they do reference the specifics of each error. And, as usual, the 'commentator' of the commentary is - as always - unnamed. Gotta protect the guilty at the LA Times! Particularly when the guilty party is - once again Robert Scheer - the most factually challenged writer at the LA Times.

But can anyone name another section in the paper that constantly has so many errors for so few words of each paper? Why can't they scrap together a few pennies and have the damn things proof read!

And why hasn't the LA Times yet corrected even one of the many errors in its earthquake/Katrina editorial? I guess they feel that since two news articles in the next week totally contradicted everything in the editorial, that they counted as the corrections.

One good thing, though. On the editorial page - they did have the balls to print the correction at the bottom of today's editorials. And that's a good thing.

Lastly, one more point - today's editorial on Judge Roberts was just about perfect, even if you do not agree with the conclusions, which I do. It clearly analyzes the situation, examines it in knowing detail and then lists potential consequences of potential actions. Real World Realpolitik!

And I see Andres Martinez's hand in the writing and the reasoning proving once again, what a superb thinker and writer he is. Now if only the New York Times can be persuaded to steal him away from us and he can go back to the home where we both want him to be.

Also the North Korea editorial was a well rounded look at the obstacles that challenge us in dealing with that country, and, very lastly - of course - even the token mention of... Los Angeles... had its humor and made its point.

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