Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Is It With The LA Times On-Line Weather?

I have 90013 put into my computer as my address (it's where my office is) and yet I often get two different forecasts on different parts of the computer.

For example - this is what I get on the LAT frontpage:

Thu 81 (UPDATE - later it suddenly changes to... 91 degrees)

But when I go to the weather page tonight - this is what I get for the overall area forecast:

Thursday...Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower to mid 70s at the beaches to the lower 90s inland.

And this is what I get for 90013 - which is within coastal plain and not part of the inland or the valley - (and we are usually at least 10 degrees cooler than those areas) on the same page:

Thu 94°

Yup. As hot or hotter than in the Valley.

Except, I then insert do a Valley zip code - and get this:

Thu 97°

Well above the low 90's - and only three degrees hotter than downtown. And it's like this nearly every day and I've e-mailed them about this for ... months. So why can't they fix it?

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Semper Fi said...

Few things in life are as imprecise as weather measurements and those who report it. This past week, it was 104 degrees where I live, yet the "official" temperature was only 91. I have often thought how ridiculous it is for TV stations to spend those big bucks on weatherpersons, sets, and graphics to report what I experienced that day; gee, I was there -- I know how hot, cold, wet, windy, or whatever it was; and then to "guess" -- usually incorrectly -- what the weather tomorrow will be. Give me a running banner at the bottom of my TV screen and save the coiffured hair, theatrics, and banter of a "personality" to report what I already know and to guess as well as I can about tomorrow.