Wednesday, September 28, 2005

LA Times Editorial Page Strikes Again! Can't Tell The Difference Between A Zhou And A Dong!

OK. Fun is Fun. But seriously ... somebody... anybody.... needs to proof read the editorials before they get published. It is now clear that whoever writes these things doesn't know his dong from a hole in the ground.

China: An editorial Tuesday on efforts to convince the Chinese to carry out pro-democracy reforms in Hong Kong stated that the city of Canton is now called Guangdong. Its name is Guangzhou.

Once again - the most error-ridden section of the paper - word for word - continues it's losing streak.

And... long after they published a correction about their August sugar prices editorial - where the Times said said that sugar prices had risen in the United States at two to three times the rate they rose in the rest of the world - when they were actually DROPPING in the United States - the Times has still not corrected the on-line editorial!

Subsidies to the sugar industry cost U.S. taxpayers about $1.2 billion annually, and in the last 10 years the price of sugar in the United States has risen at two to three times the rate in the rest of the world, costing U.S. consumers billions more.

The Times has also also yet to correct any of its incorrect facts in the big Katrina/Earthquake editorial - even though two articles in the Times within the week did print the correct facts - and the Op-Ed section still stands by Mike Davis and his claim that housing prices have crashed in San Francisco.


What if ... all along... the LA Times Ediorial Page has actually been an avante garde... novel?

The terrifyingly productive Howard Kurtz, "Reliable Sources" host for CNN and media maven at The Washington Post, is shopping a nearly finished satirical novel about the newsbiz, titled "Funny Is Money."


He added: "The great advantage of tackling a novel is that you don't have to bother with such annoying procedures as checking your facts."

Explains a lot!

Link courtsey of Romenesko.

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