Friday, September 23, 2005

Why They - Wisely - Do Not Do Frequent Weekend Updates On The LA Times Website!,0,6983447.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Rosenberg Gains Control of SAG

By Richard Verrier, Times Staff Writer

Actor Alan Rosenberg and his supporters gained control of the Screen Actors Guild, leading a coalition aiming to toughten led a coalition of actors to victory Friday in gaining control of the factious Screen Actors Guild, putting into place but didn't carry the national board, setting the stage for deepening conflict in Hollywood's most influential union.

The actress, who starred in such prime-time soaps as "Falcon Crest" and "Flamingo Road," garnered X percent of Y ballots cast...

Is there anything else I have to say?

I didn't think so.


Rosenberg Gains Control of SAG

By Richard Verrier, Times Staff Writer

Actor Alan Rosenberg was narrowly elected late Friday as president of the Screen Actors Guild, with his slate gaining control of the union's national board.Rosenberg led a coalition that was pushing for more aggressive negotiations with Hollywood's studios. Rosenberg won with 39.9% of the vote. Actress Morgan Fairchild had 34.7%, while Robert Contad had 25.3%.

Now - only five minutes later - actor (no longer actress) Alan Rosenberg has won as president and his slate has also now won control of the national board that they had just lost... five minutes ago. However, the ever fickle Robert Conrad, now spells his name... Contad...

Stay tuned more more late breaking Chicago Style - even the dead vote in Cook County - ballot counting, sex changes and name alterations!


... while Robert Conrad had 25.3%.

In a stunning reversal not forseen by anyone... the former Robert Conrad, then turned Robert Contad - has now once again returned to his original name of... Robert Conrad!

Another LA Times Exclusive!


LA Times Gives Up!! Editors Throw In The Towel!!!

The front page LAT by-lined link now links... to an AP story!

Rosenberg Gains Control of SAG
From Associated Press

Alan Rosenberg was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild on Friday, replacing former "Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert, who decided not to run for a third two-year term.

I guess when Los Angeles Times Publisher Jeffrey Johnson announced two days ago the LA Times was going to 'own' entertainment coverage, he actually meant the LA Times was going to 'rent' it from the Associated Press.

Lastly, there is no longer any mention of anyone winning - or not winning - the national board, or any other board for that matter.


Front page link now correctly credits AP for the SAG story - but the link now links to....

FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford Resigns


AP story now gone, and LAT by-line link is back on front page and... it actually now links to the story!

And the National board is now controlled by....

Rosenberg's group, called Membership First, gained control of SAG's board by winning 10 out of 11 seats up for grabs in its Hollywood division, shifting the balance of power away from Gilbert's longtime coalition. Also winning election as secretary treasurer was actress Connie Stevens, 67, who ran on Rosenberg's ticket.

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