Sunday, September 18, 2005

More On LA Times Death Spiral!

Mickey Kaus over at has a LA Times twofer today. First, he describes how the LA Times keeps sending bills to people they openly admit KNOW have canceled their subscriptions - seemingly in hope that they will pay the bills out of habit. As Mickey states - this is illegal as Hell! He even asks Attorney General Bill Lockyer to investigate.

But, of course, asking a politician who wants to seek higher office to investigate the LA Times has about the same odds of success as the odds that the LA Times will admit when it gets its facts wrong.

Second, Mickey relates how even the few people who still subscribe at a friend's apartment building - many of them don't even bother to pick up their papers as they step over them in the morning - and they end up getting thrown out!

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-dp said...

I can relate to people who are unimpressed with the LA Times sales techniques...

I get the paper on weekends only, and no matter how many times I tell them I don't need/want the weekday paper, they still call me up trying to offer me new promotions for the daily paper. This is a problem because my only phone is my cell phone.

Everytime they call I tell them to take me off of their calling list... and they still call. I have even told them I don't know how to read--the only reason I get the paper on the weekends is because I need something to pick up after my dog (and the Sunday paper provides enough to pick up a week worth of feces); they still call.