Tuesday, September 13, 2005

OK - This Time I Mean It - Final Post/Update On Power Blackout!


As I obsessively reported yesterday, the LA Times was about the last place (surprise! surprise!) in - or out of - town to have a staff writen story about the blackout - or to report the cause of the blackout. Below is from today's LAObserved:

The Times was slow to put a story on its website about Monday's blackout, but had its own power problems. The first wire story had to be posted from Chicago, and reporters who live outside the dark zone were sent home to cobble together the eventual staff story. Of course, the Business Journal also was blacked out and beat the LAT wire story to the web by 25 minutes.

However... Eric Richarson of http://www.blogdowntown.com/ reported to me via cell phone - since we both reside or work on Spring Street as does the LA Times - that when the rest of downtown was still dark, the LA Times appeared to him to have at least some lights on due to (presumably) generator power.

And this was well before I had my lights on which was well before 2 PM as my first post-power post was 1:55. And the LA Times' first story was at... 2:26 PM -- more than a half-hour AFTER the power was restored to Spring Street!

So... is the 'power out at the LA Times' leak to Kevin at LAObserved... just part of a fiendishly clever and highly sophisticated... disinformation campaign?

Bored minds want to know!

Lunching with LAT reporter today (super double secret undercover, of course) - so will get first hand report.

(Damn. Guess that means another power outage update!)


LAT Reporter lunch -- canceled!

The Plot Thickens!!

(well... actually... the person that the LA Times he/she/trans-gendered person and I were going to lunch with did the canceling... but ... why spoil a perfectly good conspiracy story with some inconvenient facts!)

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