Friday, September 16, 2005

Mark Winograd New Temp Planner for LA!

The rumors were true! As Kevin over at LA Observed announced this afternoon, our new interim planner is Mark Winograd, best known for his exemplary work in Culver City.

Mayor Villaraigosa today named Mark Winogrond to be the city's interim planning director. Here's an interview with him in The Planning Report last year and the transcript of a roundtable with him at RAND, which called Winogrond "exemplar of a new breed of city planner passionately committed to improving local government." He was previously the CAO in Culver City and Community Development Director there and in Lawndale and West Hollywood.

What I like best about his work in Culver City is that not only did he revitalize downtown Culver City - yes, Culver City actually has one, but he also saved the historic fabric of the city, developed cultural facilities, including theaters, and even got the smallest details right, such as micro-landscaping in alleys.

This could be a good trial run for a possible permanent appointment.

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