Thursday, October 06, 2005

Copy Editors - Or Proof Readers? Some Clarification, Mickey Kaus!

In his post last night, Mickey Kaus criticized former LA Times editor John Carroll for having too many copy editors during his tenure.

My position: A good copy editor will make your copy better--but only on rare occasions will it be enough better to justify the delay and hassle, let alone the copy editor's salary. And good copy editors are hard to find--the best quickly move on to other jobs these days. Those that stay, especially in big organizations like the LAT, are too often repositories of self-justifying pedantry! Usually they just make copy duller.

Agreed - but what Mickey does not address - is who exactly does the fact checking for the LA Times articles - and editorials? Are those the 1,000 editors that Ken Auletta says work at the Times?

If so -- then the LA Times needs to hire at least another 2,000 more since the current 1,000 are - clearly - not enough.

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