Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dreaded LA Times Fish Curse - Strikes Lure Again!

When will the LA Times ever learn? Never, ever publish any fish related story.

Or if they choose to ignore past history - and tempt the fates - at least they should realize they need at least five separate layers of proof readers to go over every fish story they publish.

Record fish — An article in last week's section about fishing records said Mark Gasich holds the world record for yellowfin tuna. The 399.6-pound fish he caught is the biggest yellowfin taken on rod and reel, but the International Game Fish Assn. has not officially recognized the catch as a record. The article also referred to Ralph Werking, a holder of fishing records, as Raleigh Werking.

Float tubing — An article last week about float tube fishing incorrectly identified manufacturer Buck's Bags as Buck Bags.

For more on the LAT's sad, sad fish history - and their total befuddlement with... tuna, see the below posts. The stories regarding tuna, bait licking (Yes - bait licking! I mean - could I actually make this stuff up?) and other fish fallacies are towards the bottom of cited corrections:

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