Saturday, October 01, 2005

How To Win Free Food At Downtown's Pete's Cafe!,0,1403003.story?coll=cl-calendar

As a public service, I feel compelled to enlighten those who live in the pro bono world any tips I can find about... free food!

Katie Love - Special to LA Times

A friend told me once that if you fold your business card in half and place it carefully in the fishbowl of free lunch contenders, you'll double your chances. A wise man, my friend, for now I am sitting at Pete's enjoying my free blue cheese fries and salad. I have won something. Thanks, Pete. Eight years ago, having relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco, I took one look at downtown and didn't return for several years. They call this "downtown"?

Please. It's not a downtown until there are people lingering after work at their local pub, half on/half off a barstool, complaining about their boss. So really, since it opened in late 2002, Pete's has saved this city, with its flair for the perfect martini and noble high ceilings to contain all that office gossip. It is hard to speak at all, however, while partaking of the macaroni and cheese, which will swear you off the boxed version. For cleansing your palate, there are homemade sorbets — but do protect yourself against incoming spoons.

There is more... but the important part, of course, is in the first paragraph. Pete's Cafe. 4th and Main. Folded business card in glass bowl. Free Food.

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