Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is Commander In Chief - The Worst Written Show In The History Of TV??

Just got in from my city-wide neighborhood council meeting of the night - clicked on the TV and started half-listening to some really bad soap opera with seriously stilted, amazingly wooden dialogue when I realized it was... Commander-In-Chief.

God - this isn't even the quality of a amaterish high school play written by a clueless high school writer.

Two more scenes. Decided it's a subversive comedy. It's supposed to be bad. No other possible explanation.

Just heard worst line of dialogue in the history of TV.

Even worse line of dialogue. Hysterical deafness settling in. There is a God.

Looking for gun to put my TV out of its misery.

Hell... let the TV look out for itself. I'll use it on myself.


No reviews on second episode that I could find today, but found a few who were willing to say the Commander-in-Chief had no clothes when the pilot aired. From NEWSDAY:

Finally, the best new comedy of the 2005-06 TV season is here with the arrival Tuesday night of ABC's much-touted "Commander in Chief," starring Geena Davis as the vice president who becomes POTUS after the big guy succumbs to an aneurysm. What's that, you say? This is a drama and not a comedy? Oh, dear. In that case, we'll be forced to adjust our original assessment. This is the worst new drama of the 2005-06 season, which - considering the competition - is an outstanding achievement in itself.… There is such a plenitude of ineptitude on display here - acting, writing, direction, music, even makeup (catch those incredible lubricated lips!) - that one struggles to know where to begin. … If viewers generously choose to sidestep the utter implausibility of this premise, they are then treated to the sight of Davis, a gifted comedic actress, displaying what appears to be the only two moves in her dramatic repertoire - raised eyebrows (signifying "surprise") and lowered eyebrows ("resolve"). …

The rest of Verne Gay's NEWSDAY review is at:


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