Monday, October 24, 2005

Halloween Comes Early! Horror Fest On Channel Four News!

Tonight's KNBC early Halloween horror story:

First, the female anchor announced that that audience for a town hall meeting about the special election will be scientifically selected by a 'bona fide company'... yup, a real company. Not one of those 'fake' companies. Nothing about the company's qualifications - but it is a real company.

And then the male anchor only minutes later (hey, I couldn't find my remote in time) announced that both Antiquities curator Marian True and former Getty Museum Director Deborah Gribbon had left the Getty due to the antiquities looting scandal.

Uh - say what?

First, True was officially fired not because of the looted antiquities scandal - but because she accepted a loan from someone the Getty bought art from. Granted this could possibly not be the full story, but that is the reported story.

But as for Deborah Gribbon... she only left because of her disgust at how Barry Munitz was ruining the Getty. There was never a hint of her leaving for any other reason.

Local TV News!

Someone has to make the LA Times look good - and it's their job to do it!

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