Friday, October 28, 2005

Speaking Of The Obvious...

The recent drop-off in errors at the LA Times' editorial page has been so promising - I mean like two practically error free weeks! - I let one a week ago, go.

Well, actually... I was just too busy and way too damn lazy to get around to pointing out the major boner of calling ex-school board president Jose Huizar, the existing school board president.

Besides, anything that obvious would be instantly corrected.

Well... wrong!

Friday, October 28, 2005

City Council: An editorial Friday said Jose Huizar was president of the Los Angeles Board of Education. He stepped down from the presidency in July.

They also further confused the issue by saying the error occurred on a dateless 'Friday' unqualified by any modifier such as this or last - Friday ... just that it took place on a highly unspecific ... 'Friday'.

Plus - as has become more and more common - even after the correction had been posted on the correction's page - the correction has not still not been made in the actual article - where Jose is still - evidently - el presidente for life at the Los Angeles School Board.,0,5154733.story?coll=la-news-comment-editorials

The main candidates are Nick Pacheco, who represented the 14th for one term until Villaraigosa ousted him in 2003, and Jose Huizar, who is president of the Los Angeles Unified School District board .


Good News - Bad News.

The correction is now printed with the October 21st editorial. Good!

But the item telling us there was a correction made only a very, very brief run on the correction's page - somewhere around 1 AM or before - and then had... vanished... around dawn.
Now I am not certain if the correction only appeared last night because this correction was printed on the editorial page today (and I will have to wait until I find my free copy on the subway to see if it was), even though it might have been on the correction's page closer to the date of the actual error.

But even it it was, the editorial itself was not corrected until this morning. Lastly, the reason I can not tell if it was on the correction's page before, is because those corrections are not archived on the corrections page, a situation that needs to be... corrected.