Saturday, October 08, 2005

LA Times Website Still Shuts Down On Weekends!

Went to website to see score on USC game - but no live coverage on the front page. Went to Sports - still no box with live coverage - plus no update on now tied score with supposed roll over Arizona. So now 'watching' game on another newspaper's site while typing on this computer.


Almost 7:30 - and still nothing on front page of LA Times website. Story on sports page, but you'll never find out about it on the front page.

PS - 42 - 21 USC over Arizona.

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Tim said...

Hey Brady,
I was just reading over on LAO about Baquet's solution to the readership crisis, which is for him to have a higher profile here than the last guy.

Don't they know its not about appearances? I don't give a flying fig what the guy looks like. We need a paper that is written by people who live here and have lived here, understand that Los Angeles is not the image that hollywood projects and is a city with some long standing and serious problems that cannot be understood by visiting journos. We need people on the Times who LOVE LOS ANGELES, not more creepy careerist jerk-offs who don't know the difference between marketing and life.