Friday, October 07, 2005

Want To Know What's Happening In LA? Read The Washington Post! Or... Almost Any Blog!

So... the President announces that one of the terrorist plots thwarted was blowing up the tallest building in downtown LA. Sounds like a no-brainer for a local news story? Right?


As LA Observed and Mickey Kaus and lots of other people have observed... if it happens in LA - it ain't gonna be in the LA Times. And here's.... Mickey!

One major metropolitan newspaper story on the administration's alleged success in foiling Al Qaeda tells us, in its second paragraph, that the reported plots aimed to strike a wide variety of targets, including the Library Tower in Los Angeles, ships in international waters and a tourist site overseas, the White House said last night.

Another major metropolitan newspaper doesn't mention the possible targeting of L.A.'s tallest building. The paper that doesn't bother to mention the gripping Los Angeles angle would be the major newspaper of:

a) Los Angeles

b) Washington, D.C.

And do I have to tell you the correct answer?

Of course not!

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