Saturday, October 15, 2005

World Premier Play At Edgefest! Hit - Or Flop?

Starting today, I will be doing reviews of cultural events in Los Angeles over at LAVOICE.ORG. More on this later, but I have to run off to a meeting so just follow the link and read about an exciting play no one should miss. It plays tonight, this Sunday and next weekend. By the end of night of its premier last week, it already had offers to tour the country, so it may be awhile before LA will be able to see it again.

Here is the opening of the review:

Investing two hours in a new play is a risk. If the play is about race relations, gay rights, mental illness, sex and priests, we reach the red alert level. If you know the author, a rear row aisle seat is mandatory for quick escape.

After intermission, I relocated front row center.

First, to dispense with preliminaries, the play is onstage tonight (Oct. 15th), tomorrow and next weekend. Stop reading and buy tickets on-line. Once finished, come back and finish the review.



In Colin Cox's world premiere play, 'A Pebble In My Shoe: The Life and Times of John Shelby Spong', Stephen Wolfert plays the former Episcopal Bishop starting with his Southern childhood in the 1930's when he first confronted his and his society's prejudices

The rest of the review is below:

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