Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And He Is The Boss Of... What?


In a particularly interesting column about the personal history of a boss, (a regular Sunday feature in the Business section of the New York Times), we learn everything we could possibly want to know about Joe Moglia... except for the minor detail of what he is the boss of....


PS -

He's head of Omaha-based online discount broker, Ameritrade.


jlee said...

About your comment about Tookie. Just to set you straight, He was asking to live his life IN JAIL for the rest of his life in place of the death penalty. He was not trying to be free. Who would lie to themselves to live the rest of their life in a jail cell. What fools. But i totally respect your opinion. Just wanted to state this to you.

Brady Westwater said...

I realize you posted here in response to my post on the LAT website since I had not yet posted on this subject on my blog.

And thank you for respecting my opinion, just as I repect the opinion of those who do not believe in the death penalty.

And I know he said he did not want to be relased and that he just wanted to stay in jail. But what else could he say? He knew he could not expect to escape the death penalty if he said he wanted to be released.

But once he escaped that sentence, it could not re-instituted - and then the free Tookie campaign would have started.

And no one ever talked about all the murders he got away with before the last ones he committted or discussed the rumors that his lawyers were behind both the books and the alleged redemption.

But his refusing to apologize for mudering so many innocent people proved there never was any redemption of any kind and that it was all a con from start to finish.