Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Four Deaths On Skid Row In One Day - Three Possible Heroin Overdoses At Fifth And Main!,1,7929901.story?coll=la-headlines-california

Within 1/2 block of 5th and Main - which is 1/2 block from my own office, three bodies were found yesterday, surrounded by heroin injecting equipment. Right now in alley behind me, at least two people will be injecting heroin several times a day when I walk out the back of my building. Another person injects himself and the people he sells heroin to just steps of the Reagan State Office Building on Spring Street. And a number of heroin dealers are seen coming and going each day from one of the non-profit service centers where they store their drugs just steps from 5th and Main.

This is because a small handful of non-profit agencies in our neighborhood are still fighting the removal the drug dealers from the streets. They also continue to fight having them removed from the buildings they live in and do business from. One of them even houses them in properties they own. And the single worst building on Main Street with active drug dealing, is privately run and even after one tenant was arrested for drug dealing, that building's owner allowed the dealer's business partner to take over the lease and keep the drug operation going 24 hours a day.


Anonymous said...

I know this is OT, but since you're talking about the need to remove nuisances from the community:

MAN prediction: Sometime in the next 10 days the LA Times editorial board will call for Munitz' ouster. Will that be all or will they call for board chair John Biggs' removal too?

Brady Westwater said...

Thanks for the tip! See above post.