Thursday, December 15, 2005

LA Times Goes To Town On... Toy Town!,0,7964577.story?coll=la-home-style

Susan Carpenter Times Staff Writer December 15, 2005

MARIA SMITH admits she "went too wild." After a midmorning shopping binge in the toy district downtown, her arms were straining from the bulk of multiple plastic bags stuffed with Marvel coloring books and blinking necklaces, tentacled rubber balls and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards, confetti, gift bags and streamers - all of it purchased for a fraction of what she would have paid at the mall.

"It's a lot less expensive to come down to L.A. to get everything," says Smith, a La Mirada mother of two who was gearing up for her daughter's birthday party later this month. "The party stores come here to buy everything, so why not go where the buyers go?"


"If you can buy it wholesale, why buy retail?" she asks."Here, you're buying your gifts at three times less the amount, my gosh. If they only knew I spent $30 instead of $100. It's just amazing."

The article also describes many of the other items that can be purchased in Toy Town - but there are far more items that are not covered. For no matter what you want to buy - you can find it wholesale Downtown.

Energy Drinks? Red Bull? Second Street just west of San Pedro. A whole row of stores selling wholesale energy drinks.

Knives? Kitchen utensils? Sunglasses? Los Angeles Street.

And if you can't find what you are looking for - just ask and someone will know where to find what you are looking for.

Toy Town! Not just for toys anymore!

And speaking of shopping bargains - don't forget the Fashion District!


Tim said...

I was gonna say that you never know what you are getting in The Toy District. Lead based jewelry being the most recent example. But then I remembered, everyone buys down there, including the mall buyers. Last year we shopped at the capacious warehouse called Focus Century Toys, at fourth and Colyton? in the Arts District. I commented that it seemed like a front for something, the help was verrry slow and did not seem to care if we stayed or went. Six months later they were closed down. The big warehouse behind the little store was chock full of this Christmas' big toy, cheap and dangerous knockoffs, every one. (How do you tell a cheap and dangerous knockoff from a real cheap and dangerous toy? Look at the invoices.)

Big warehouse now for sale.

and a fhekhry to you too

Brady Westwater said...

Yes, Tim, as the Times article states - this is a buyer beware district.