Saturday, December 03, 2005

LA Times Miracle! Steve Hymon Grows A Personality!,1,56620,full.story?coll=la-headlines-california


Watching Steve Hymon lurk around political gatherings hidden behind his massive horn rimmed glasses, one would never guess that under that deceptively mild-mannered reporter exterior exists - a real person! While always a good writer, the Times has suddenly allowed him to unleash his hidden inner self onto its dwindling readership with unexpectedly felicitious results. Below are the headlines of the above two linked columns:


Dead Ringer, Wine Flinger and Campaign Gunslinger By Steve Hymon - Dec. 1, 2005

The gossipistas in Los Angeles City Hall learned last week that incoming council President Eric Garcetti is a man of many, uh, talents. In other news, a 19-year-old ran for City Council, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was almost involved in an Orange Line bus crash (that'll teach him to take mass transit!) and at one political event, the wine was really flowing - so to speak. It's been another busy few weeks for leaders of America's second-largest city.


Wabbit Woes, Bus Lanes and a Mystery Mall By Steve Hymon Nov. 5 2005

What do rabbits, underground shopping malls and bus lanes have in common? They're all issues involving Los Angeles city government.

Now this is exactly the kind of reporting that needs to be done by the LA Times. It's funny, it makes you want to read it, it gives you a sense of the personalities of the people who think they run this city - or in Dennis Zine's case - the absence of a personality (just kidding Dennis... sort of) - and it actually even informs the public about what is going on at City Hall. And if you don't think a sense of humor is necessary when writing about LA City politics - you simply have not been paying attention!

So why isn't he doing a column three times a week so the citizens of LA can get to know our civic leaders and what they're up to?

Inquiring cowboys want to know!

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