Thursday, December 08, 2005

Day Four! And LA Time Still Won't Correct Date Of City's Incorporation!

And it's not as if no one at the LA Times hasn't noticed this. In fact, I've gotten four e-mails from LA Times reporters alone about this. And do you want to know what reporters from media are saying? Well, if you work at the LA TIMES... you really don't want to know.

But does anyone at the Times care enough any of this to actually get the facts correct?

Of course not!


Thursday afternoon - and still no correction!


Thursday night - and still no correction!!

But since half the writers at the LA Times have by now e-mailed me, stopped me on the street, posted a note on my front door - no kidding! - and have otherwise communicated to me by every method possible other than smoke signals - woops - was that a puff of smoke? - it would be IMPOSSIBLE for this NOT to be corrected by tomorrow morning. I mean ... absolutely... freakin'... impossible.

I mean - this staggeringly stupid error is in a FRONT PAGE story with two writer's bylines.

11 PM Thursday night UPDATE!

OK - now we're entering the territory of the majorly meta.

Just got an email from a seriously pissed off Times Staffer about my prediction - ok - he called it a challenge - for the LA Times to correct the LA city incorporation date by tomorrow morning- which is less than one hour from now.

And why is he so pissed?

You sitting down? A department at the LA Times - and yes, you know who you are - but I shall not blow the whistle on you - has a betting pool going on this!

And this particular staffer has money staked on the error not being corrected before 10 PM Friday night!

Now while I don't want to cast any aspersions on the integrity of any one who works for the LA Times (accusations - yes! - aspersions - never!), it sounds as if whoever runs the correction section of the LA Times... is getting ready to make a big killing!

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