Thursday, December 15, 2005

Correction - Or Prediction?

LA Times Thursday Correction Page Today:

Orange Line — An article in Wednesday's California section about a crash on the Orange Line busway said Tuesday's accident was the eighth crash in seven weeks. It was the seventh crash in seven weeks.

But who's counting?

Anyone want to bet crash number eight happens before the end of the week? Meanwhile - what they should done about.. seven weeks ago - installing cameras that ticket people who run red lights!

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority had hoped to get photo enforcement cameras installed at 12 busway intersections by the end of next month, but that project could be stalled until spring.

The city has a backlog of 32 intersections already in line to get the cameras and the Orange Line might have to wait.

But City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel has made Orange Line cameras a top priority and pushed for a strategy in 30 days.

"The accidents that have occurred have been directly related to individuals who've run red lights," said Greuel, chairwoman of the city's Transportation Committee where the safety update was being heard.

So far, so good! But then... a bridge, I mean word, too far....

The busway opened Oct. 31 and quickly became a hit with Valley commuters and bus riders.

Quickly became a 'hit' with Valley commuters and bus riders? Well - I guess that's one way of putting it...

And one last quote:

But officials said Wednesday they're continuing to adjust the system - a first of its kind in California - with lights and signs, and reported a 50 percent reduction in near-misses with motorists.

Noticeably, no mention was made of any reduction of... non-misses, i.e. - hits, which seem to be continuing at the one a week pace.

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