Monday, December 05, 2005

LA Weekly's Bill Bradley Scoops LA Times on Susan Kennedy Voting Story! CORRECTION!

In six stories on this subject and in two editorials, the LA Times has not reported that Susan Kennedy voted for all four of Arnold's propositions in the recent special election. And when I did a news search when writing the below post, it for some reason did not turn up George Skelton's column. But I was able to access it when I did a search tonight - and he did report that fact in his December 1st column. But for some reason, none of the Times' many news articles since then have discussed this critical fact. Back to my orginal post.,1,460970.column

In a so far on-the-web only story, Bill Bradley casually drops the bomb shell (to me, at least) that self-described 100% Democrat, Susan Kennedy, whom Arnold just controversially appointed as chief of staff (to the horror of social conservative Republicans) - voted for all four of the Arnold ballot initiatives. Yup! All four.

Kennedy called Davis and Angelides from Schwarzenegger's office on her first day on the job. Unsurprisingly, she did not reach Angelides. She did talk to Davis, who wished her well and reminded her of Jerry Brown's canoe theory of politics; paddle a little to the left, a little to the right, and go down the middle.

Kennedy did herself no favors with her old Democratic friends by saying she voted for all four of Arnold's defeated initiatives. The powerful labor coalition that defeated Arnold is not in a forgiving frame of mind and the term - Benedict Arnold - has been privately applied to her by several influential figures.

Now the Times in its coverage did state that she was a pragmatist and more business friendly than most Democrats. The Times also detailed how Arnold observed her organizational skills at the PUC. But after racking my memory, and reading past LAT articles, I found nothing to suggest she was aligned enough with Arnold to have voted for all four of his propositions.

So, while I've said it before, I'll say it again - if anyone at the LA Times had a whit of sense - they would scoop up Robert Greene, Bill Bradley and Jeffrey Anderson before the boys from Arizona figure what have and sign them all up to long term contracts.

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