Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jan Perry Moves Up The City Council Food Chain!

From LA Observed:

In addition to his newly hired chief of staff, Eric Garcetti says he will appoint Councilwoman Jan Perry to be Assistant President Pro Tempore.

More in Eric's blog on the December 19th post:

.... Jan Perry will join me as Assistant President Pro Tempore. This position, appointed by the Council President, means that Jan will join Wendy Greuel and me as the leadership team of the City Council. (Wendy is the President Pro Tempore, a position that is elected by a vote of all the councilmembers) Technically, this means that Jan, like Wendy, will chair council meetings when I am either absent or participating in the discussion of a given item. More broadly, it means the three of us will be working together to help the rest of our colleagues achieve their visions for progress and improvement in Los Angeles.

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