Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Funniest - and Most Horrifying - Newspaper Errors Of 2005! Would You Believe - Jew Jersey?


The always entertaining 'Regret The Error' website out does itself with its many candidates for the worst newspapers blunders of the past year. The most startling thing, though, is that not a single Los Angeles Times error is recorded!

But, that, of course, is because 'Regret The Error' obtains their errors from each paper's corrections - and the LA Times never admits its worst errors!

Lastly - rather than giving you some of the the highlights of there errors of the past year - go to their page and read them all. Because when they are not horrifying - they're really funny!

PS - link courtesy of Romensko since I read him before I read them today.


Just read their LAST year's best/worst errors list.

Pure Gold.

Or should I say - Fool's Gold!


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