Monday, August 12, 2013

60,000 square Foot Rooftop - Farm - Proposed in Downtown Los Angeles!

photo of Courtney Guerra and Ari Taymore courtesy of Alma's website
While urban rooftop gardens are old news - there is now a proposal to build an entire farm - and we're talking acreage here - 60,000 feet which close to an acre and a half of farm.  LAIST has a story up on the project.
Chef And Farmer Form Delicious Duo In DTLA By Krista Simmons 
Some of you may get all squishy when looking at pics of adorably awkward baby animals, but what gets us gushing is a cute chef/farmer relationship. So naturally we went "squeeee!" when we recently heard about chef Ari Taymor and farmer Courtney Guerra's relationship.
The two work hand in hand to create the makings for Taymor's unique dishes at Alma restaurant in Downtown L.A., which recently celebrated its one year anniversary.
 And later....
 The two plan to open a they're working on a 60,000 square-foot rooftop garden above Alma soon, a step that only a handful of area restaurants have executed, and none on that grand of a scale, making for yet another notch in DTLA's dining belt.
The rest of that story is at LAIST which then links to a longer story at Bon Ap.

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