Friday, August 16, 2013

Downtown News Reports Veteran CRA CEO David Riccitello to Fill Dan Rosenfeld's Post for 2nd District County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Photo by Gary Leonard. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas (left) and Senior Deputy Dan Rosenfeld in 2009.
 One of the problems created by the sudden dissolution of the LA CRA has been the loss of institutional memory; the loss of key players who understood how major projects have worked - or not worked - over the past decades in Los Angeles City and County.  But according to the Downtown News, one of the most effective leaders at the CRA has a new position where he can continue the work started by his predecessor in his new position, Dan Rosenfeld. 

One Downtown Veteran Leaves Ridley-Thomas’ Office, Another Arrives

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Longtime Downtown developer Dan Rosenfeld recently left a position as senior deputy for economic development for Second District County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Though Rosenfeld has returned to the private sector (his previous work included being a founder of Urban Partners), his slot has been filled by someone who also boasts extensive Downtown real estate experience: former Community Redevelopment Agency Chief Executive David Riccitiello.
The full story is at the Downtown News. 

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