Friday, August 02, 2013

Laura Bon is a God-Damned Genuine Genius!

While I have admired Laura's Bond's past efforts - such as the Corn Fields - a project that harks back to the earlier days of Los Angeles when our city - and our entire state were filled with not just dreamers - but dreamers who knew how to make those dreams a reality.  And her water wheel project by the LA River that entails building a replica of the 1860's water wheel that brought water to much of our city, is her most inspired artistic - and civic - project, yet.
But all that has changed.  With her new addition of a water filled contemporary zanja to parallel the river, she has transformed her concept into a civic project that has the possibility of far transcending her current vision. But there is one problem.
For once, Laura Bon is not thinking big enough. 
Not remotely big enough.  
She has come up with a sapling of a concept.  But that project now needs to become a Sequoia.  
Now as far as how she might be able to do that - look at my recent post here - and then - say tuned..

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