Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's New in the One Dollar Section of The Last Bookstore's LABYRINTH

Just One Corner of the American History Section of The Last Bookstore's One Dollar Room

Summer is ending and a flood of new/old one dollar books has hit the The Last Bookstore's LABYRINTH filling its sections to overflowing.  Particularly crowded is the American History and Culture section that - not satisfied with displacing the Arts section - has just jumped the main corridor and has invaded five more shelves.  I stopped trying to estimate how many books there are in that section when I hit 2,000 - all at one dollar each.  And we have many, many very hard to find books starting from the beginning of the last century until today as well as many recent best sellers.

And since I am in the store about 8 hours a day - just ask to see the guy in the black cowboy hat if you have any questions

Moving on to our Russian history, culture and literature section, it now has had many rare and unusual items recently added to it - which brings its total to over a hundred often hard to find titles at any price, much less a dollar each.

Our German, Italian, French, Icelandic, and Czech sections - among others - also have a number of hard to find translated novels.  And our far more 1,00 book plus collection on the history England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland also has hundreds of novels, short story collections and books on literary history & studies.

And while the psychology section had been hard hit over the past few weeks - multiple major donations have packed it again with over 1,000 books. Other sections with many just arrived books and which are at the 1,000 or more level are literary studies, Judaic, combined European history, Asia, business & economics (well over 2,000), religion & theology, military/planes/ships, medicine & health, wine & cookbooks, self-help of every possible kind (easily 2,000), travel (split among multiple sections),  science/math & natural history combined and well over 2,000 in our social sciences section (sociology, archeology, anthropology, folklore, political science, education, feminism & woman's studies and other related fields).

In the realm of the 100's we have law, music, film, theater, African-American & Africa, home repair, real estate sales and investments, poetry (and that is very strong at the moment), gardening, Latin America, the new and old left, pets of all sorts, sports (with a special section on the history of women in sports), golf, home decoration and design, gay and lesbian (also very strong at the moment) gambling, cards, horse racing & games of all types, the occult, ghosts, astrology, UFO's & all things weird and wacko and the Middle East and Islam.

Plus we have smaller collections on everything from flower arranging to needlepoint to philosophy to cars to camping to mountaineering -  and every week we get large collections for many of those sections and we also get collections of more unusual or harder to find topics.

And - as always - over half of our books are novels which are located on separate shelves from the non-fiction except we do shelf some of the better literary fiction with each country.

Lastly, The Last Bookstore is at 5th & Spring in Downtown Los Angeles in the Spring Arts Tower at 453 S. Spring and we are open seven days and nights a week from 10 AM every day and until 10 AM every night except Monday, Friday and Saturday when we are open until 11 and Sunday when we are open until 9 PM.

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