Sunday, August 04, 2013

How THE LAST BOOKSTORE Brought Together the New York Times Book Review Section, Writer/Journalist/UCLA Professor Amy Wilnetz and - Very Briefly - The Cemetery of Lost Books. And Why You Can Not Buy a Copy of Valerie Martin's Novel 'Property" in Our African-American Section Today.

Drawing by Valero Dovak courtesey of New York Times

First, if you do not regularly read Amy Wilnetz, her essay in this Sunday's New York Times Book Review will demonstrate why this mistake should be corrected.

She opens with...

. . . One Book Out

I’ve decided that books are my enemy, though they used to be my great love. They are taking over. They crowd my dining room, they double up in the bedroom, they make the attic floor sag. We even have a library in the bathroom: shelves and shelves of books where a normal person might have a vanity table or piles of towels.
Later on... 
My husband came to me the other day with another bunch of books to be given to the ominously named Last Bookstore, a used-book store in downtown Los Angeles. I O.K.’d the pile, although it contained some of my items. Then he went on a business trip.
I looked at the books again.
I felt guilty about relinquishing them to their fate. Who knew what treasures they might hold?
For anything more - you need to go to the article. 

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