Thursday, August 08, 2013

Terry Adamson Awake After Crash That Killed Her Husband Grant - And Asks Professor to Cover Her Classes At Pepperdine Until She Returns

photo courtesy of The Malibu Times
According to the latest story at the Malibu Times.....

Terry Adamson able to communicate, law school colleague confirms

 By Melissa Caskey / |

Terry Adamson is apparently awake and able to communicate, as she asked a close friend to call Pepperdine School of Law and make sure another professor would cover her classes this fall, Professor Harry Caldwell toldThe Malibu Times on Thursday.
Adamson was seriously injured in a hot air balloon crash in Switzerland on Tuesday. Her husband Grant Adamson was killed in the crash and their daughters, Lauren and Megan, were also injured. 
That she is awake, talking and already concerned about the welfare of her students is clearly an excellent sign even though she will still require surgery as is later explained in the Malibu Times article.

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