Thursday, August 15, 2013

YouTube Shows and Networks Continue to Flourish in LA - Tastemade Builds New Food Network in Santa Monica

While film and TV shoots continue to leave California, one bright spot for local employment has been the proliferation of new on-line shows for YouTube.  Lucas Show of The Wrap has one recent success story.
Tastemade Raises $10M To Build The Next Food Network
By Lucas Shaw
Tastemade, a top online video network for food 
Tastemade, a top online video network for food lovers, has raised $10 million in a Series B round led by Raine Ventures, the company announced on Wednesday. Red Point Ventures, which led Tastemade’s first round of $5.3 million, participated in this round as well.
“It shows a great amount of faith in what we’re doing if they are coming back in,” co-founder Steven Kydd told TheWrap on Wednesday.
Tastemade used some of the new money to launch an app that lets customers create their own episodes about restaurants or dishes they love. Like Instagram or the newly launched MixBit, the app lets users record video and offers a suite of tools to edit them including a built-in template, music and, yes, filters.
“You make a one-minute-show,” Kydd said. “Our goal was how to use software to scale globally and find not just one celebrity but hundreds or thousands.”When Kydd and co-founders Larry Fitzgibbon and Joe Perez first conceived Tastemade a year ago, they turned to creators like Sorted, a quartet of British friends with a channel more popular than those of celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay.

The rest of the story could be found here at TheWrap.

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