Saturday, August 03, 2013

THE LAST BOOKSTORE Flooded With Newly Acquired $1 Books!

Yes, after taking a hiatus of book deliveries from the warehouse while upstairs at The Last Bookstore (at 5th and Spring in the heart of Downtown LA) was being rearranged due to some major new departments bring added downstairs, tens of thousands of great $1 books are now coming to the second floor LABYRINTH.

And here are just some of the recently arriving  highlights:

Psychology - We're back to over 1,000 books in it again and more are arriving daily.

Also on the up swing are our science collections - and our math section is growing ever faster - as is our Judaic collection.

American History - Right now we have more and many hard to find books than ever before and more are arriving - every day - forcing us expand the section for a third time.

Russian and Soviet history is also stronger than ever (along with some select novels) - and our extensive English history and culture section is once again at an all time high.

But it's our several thousand book literary section that is really exploding. We have hundreds of short story collections, anthologies, memoir, literary journals, biographies and endless reference books. Plus every  imaginable book about how to what, what to write, and how to sell what you write.

And we have several shelves on semiotics, structuralism, phonetics, phonology, etymology, semantics, and linguistics in that section

Also flourishing are all the social sciences - particularly sociology,  political theory, anthropology and woman's issues.  And education  has just had a really big recent growth spurt - along with our huge cook book section - and our  growing VHS tape collection.  Plus our sports, exercise and medical sections are also still growing.

Out African American section is also at record strength with history, culture, fiction, romance novels, guy novels and I have two more boxes of history that I am getting ready to shelve. Plus our Africa section is beginning to grow,

Also expanding is our gay an lesbian section (both fiction and non-fiction), pets, natural history, gardening, Latin America and Asia - and our business section is overflowing with new books.

And that is just a small handful of over 30 growing sections you will find in the one dollar room at The Last Bookstore this weekend.

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