Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Christian Science Monitor Makes LA Times Look Like A Paragon of Journalism!!

Just when I think that the LA Times has boldly plumbed the furthest depths of journalistic ethics by giving a forum for Mike Davis to further fabricate, Drudge Report links to a story in the Christian Science Monitor (by Daniel B. Wood) called 'For L.A. homeless: a gym, movies, and hair salon.'

In the article, Mr. Wood describes the new Midnight Mission homeless services center as 'plush' which certainly does not describe the building that I toured. Superbly designed, yes, but very much built on a budget.

But that is only the beginning. First the sub-headline says that the 'city opens a $17 million shelter'. Well, the 'city' did not open anything. It was privately built with largely privately raised funds. Second, it is NOT a shelter. It is a treatment center, not a temporary warehouse for the homeless like so many shelters located in places like New York. Then the article implies that 6,000 homeless live on the streets of downtown. That is inaccurate. 2,500 is a far more accurate figure.

The entire article has a Kafka-like quality in which so much of what is said, is the exact opposite of what the truth is.


Much, much, much more very soon.

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