Monday, April 18, 2005

Eric Slater Takes Fall For LA Times Sins!!

Eric Slater was fired today from the LA Times after his now infamous Chico State story turned out to have even more 'incorrect' facts than most LA Times editorials. But at least there were SOME facts in it that were correct, unlike Robert Scheer's 'expose' of last Tuesday - in which every single word about William Bennett was total fiction. But if you expect either Mr. Scheer or any of the four layers of LAT editors and filters to lose their jobs (including Michael 'What's A Fact' Kinsley who thinks Zell Miller is still in the US Senate)... don't hold your breath.

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Dennis Mosher said...

I'm certainly no fan of Robert Scheer, but his erroneous passing reference to William Bennett bears no similarity to what apparently was a deliberate fraud committed by Eric Slater in his Chico State story.

Every writer who ever lived has gotten an occasional fact wrong, regardless the number of editors who perused the copy. Opinion columnists like Scheer are granted more leeway in this regard. He opines on facts gathered by others.

On the other hand, a hard news reporter like Eric Slater is a fact gatherer. We need to know with confidence that he really did travel to Chico, that the people he claimed he spoke to really exist and they actually said what he quoted them as saying.

Slater was fired because there is serious doubt that he even went to Chico.

He took a fall for his own sins, no one elses.